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Saanjh – an Experience !! March 1, 2012

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This post has been probably long due as it’s been over 6 months now that I went to Saanjh 2011 retreat. But what if I said memories are still fresh and beautiful in my mind and I am still reaping from the seeds that were sowed during the event.

I went to the retreat with intention to learn Gurbani and connect more with Guru. Before I go further with the experience I have to admit that this was second time I registered for the retreat. Though I cancelled my 2010 registration because I didn’t have courage to go alone and I was probably not ready. However 2011 was a big year that brought huge changes in my life and yes I did finally go to the retreat. If you ask me what made me go, simple answer – I was ready and looking to learn and connect with the Guru.


Retreat took place in beautiful woods around Santa Cruz (CA) where huge trees welcomed you into fresh, chilly and sensational nature. On arriving there was warm welcome by the volunteers. As I interacted with the people I realized Saanjh wasn’t just about the organizer but about the people who attend it.  It was Saanjh where for the first time ever I actually tried to understand and make meaning out of Gurbani. It was amazing to hear the different views and perspectives on the same shabad[s]. I was amazed to experience how multi-dimensional Gurbani is and how each individual develops his/her own relationship with the Guru.  Apart from the knowledge of Gurbani, listening to amazing experiences, learning history, rang manch/games the most beautiful part were the morning and evening diwan.  It was blessing to be able to get up in morning and not only do collective banis with Sangat but listen to amazing kirtan and all that sitting in a glass hall, right in middle of woods. It’s an experience that can’t be described in words, it’s something to experience.


To end I will say only this, I went alone but when I came back – not only I had better understanding of Gurbani, our History and current affairs of Punjab but I actually came back with a Saanjh family – beautiful memories, beautiful people and beautiful Sangat.  As I planned to move back to India, only thing that I knew I was definitely going to miss and didn’t want is the sangat and beautiful people I met during Saanjh.  I may miss the Saanjh events but the “Saanjh” I was able to develop with the sangat and the Guru, it’s going to go on with me forever. That’s what Saanjh is about…


Here is a short clip on some of the moments from Saanjh 2011 – enjoy 🙂



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