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This can’t be my Waheguru !! December 18, 2012

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Before I write what I want to write, I want to put a disclaimer that I am not an expert, scholar or researcher on the subject. This writeup is purely out of my life experiences, learning and beliefs I have grown up with. I can be right or wrong and honestly I am not bothered. I am just going to express something I strongly feel about.

There has been quite a few times that I have been into discussions with friends over the topic like “Is there something like destiny?”, “Is our fate already written?” and more often than normal group has agreed or semi-agreed that our fate was already written before we were born.  I somehow was never convinced either way (whether it was already written or we control it).  And this question has always been on mind. I have tried to find logical explanation, tried to find the answer from Gurbani ( you have to understand that my knowledge in Gurbani is limited) but there was never something more convincing than the recent events.  Be it event of shooting at Wisconsin temple or shootings at Sandyhook or more tragic gang rape in Delhi (capital of India). When I look at these events, it makes me wonder how can someone go to that level of hate where one not only kills the people he doesn’t know but he also kills himself.  That is really deep for me to understand. But what I can make out of all these events is that my Waheguru (your God, Allah, Jesus -whatever name you give) can’t plan/write something like this for anyone. I used to say “I am not the DOER – HE is the doer, God has already planned it, God is the force behind everything” . but not anymore. I can’t worship, pray someone who can write put this as destined plan for anyone. One may argue with me that Life, Death, Good and bad its all in our mind – but I won’t go there. All I know is the ONE upon whom I put my faith is neither the planner nor the doer of such horrific acts. We have to resolve and accept these actions are our own doings. We can’t just play the game of whatever good I do it and whatever bad blame it on God.

I feel sad for the victims, may Waheguru provide them strength to deal with the brutal realities of life.



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