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Who writes this blog March 4, 2011

I am just another ordinary person, who started writing just to get feel of what blogging is like.  This was an inspired thought of reading some good blogs and people sharing how it’s good to write your views. But just after 2 blogs, I realized this little habit has given me chance to be closer to myself and look deeper for answers and feelings. Not only I am more aware of my thoughts but now I like to document these thoughts too. The reasons for this blog is simple:

1. For me to reflect upon my experiences and world around me.

2. To have a way to introspect and know why I do what I  do.

3. To come back in future and see if any of these thoughts and beliefs change.

Though this blog is written with the idea of sharing my thoughts/beliefs/ideas and experiences it still is great encouragement to get reviews  and comments.  After all just writing without growth isn’t going to help.


6 Responses to “Who writes this blog”

  1. Sunny Sethi Says:

    Good job man. Awesome!!! We are proud of you.

  2. i like the reasons for your blogging! you’ve got me writing now! thanks
    i read sikhnet news & they had your blog re harmandir sahib which got me thinking about first principles & sikhi…so thanks for that.

  3. JP Says:

    Just came across your post about the ‘Mata Ki Asis’ shabad when I was searching the Internet trying to find the meaning. Lovely post, great blog, reading it here in the UK!

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