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Beliefs – don’t let them CLOSE you !! September 7, 2013

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ImageFew years ago I was traveling on a short flight to LA and picked up a conversation with a man, probably in late 50s sitting in seat next to me. He was probably curious about my faith and we began to share our beliefs and talk about religion.

As we were talking I remember telling him that in Sikhi we believe God is everywhere and in everything .. even in You and Me – God is within US. As I finished my sentence and looked at him, I could see discomfort in his eyes.  He said he doesn’t believe God is in us and then mumbled  a bit .  Then he said “It’s probably sin to think like that” and then he went silent.

Few minutes later he got up, picked his stuff and went back. And I realized he changed his seat because he couldn’t handle my views and probably thought it was even sin to hear it.

It was weird for me too but I guess that’s how strong beliefs can be…  Once you believe in something with total faith – you shut your eyes/ears to everything against it.  i just hope I always have strength to hear and eyes to try seeing things from other people’s view, even when I don’t believe in them..