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I am Sikh – so what ? September 7, 2013


 I am Sikh – so what ?

I know this comes out little too aggressive and it’s meant to be . because that’s the mood  I am in ..

I am underwhelmed with the media and what’s being said after Wisconsin shootings. I was shocked and felt how stupid media can be for labeling this act of crime as “mistaken identity” rather than calling it as “domestic terrorism”. Thanks to Valerie Kaur for being first one to raise this concern via her article “Let’s retire mistaken identity“.

And now 2 weeks later when we are still coming out of shock and getting back  to normal routine I am surprised all the awareness programs being created around states to spread information about Sikhs. Though I am proud to know that Sikhs are on lime light finally and people are getting to know us but it makes me think what about other minorities? Do we really need to go and teach people “Don’t kill me because I am so and so, and my values resonate with American values” . There are all sort of articles being written on how Sikh values are same like American values and how we all are Sikhs (students) but I beg to differ and ask “Really ? Are we ?”

I am not against people learning about each others’ faith, little bit of education never harms but I would like to see more talks about humanity going along with it. Wadge Page didn’t just kill people because they were Sikh, he killed them because these innocent lives were different to him and somewhere he was raised with hate against OTHERS. He would have walked down a mosque, a temple or any other worship place and killed anyone who didn’t look White.

It’s hard for me to comprehend what one must feel to get to the level and become ignorant enough to kill another human being. And to me teaching you about my Faith in order for me to make you feel at home and not be afraid of me is stupid. I rather see people teaching their kids about Humanity and how each life is important no matter what faith they choose. This will do better in making sure there are no Wade pages who grew up in hatred and feel threat towards “Others”.

If I have to teach you – I rather have you learn Humanity

If I have to teach you – I rather have you know Love

If I have to teach you – I rather have you know compassion

I can teach you about Sikhi and how Sikh values relate to American values but I rather you learn some humanity and respect humanity to make sure tomorrow we don’t have to about  faith to anyone’s faith to accept them.

Just my view..